Security Measures Apply to Smartphones, Too

Most enterprises should have detailed procedures and theft recovery solutions to mitigate losses from a misplaced or stolen laptop.

As smart phones become a ubiquitous part of corporate life, the need to apply those same rigorous standards has increased. Here are a few suggestions to lessen your risk:

  • Start simple – lock it down with a password and customize that locked home screen with contact details and reward information.
  • Backup, synchronize on a regular basis!
  • If you must store sensitive info – such as other passwords – on your mobile device, don't do it in a file named "password" or "psswrds." Name the file something innocuous like "Meeting schedule, Kansas City, Mar 2007."
  • Minimize the number of apps that store passwords for purchase approvals.
  • Are you so dependent on your mobile phone that you can't recall important phone numbers? Keep a hardcopy list handy and don't forget the corporate IT department for a few reasons:
    • Some handhelds devices can be wiped clean remotely, which can be very useful if it is lost or stolen. Make sure this feature is installed and active.
    • Many devices can be located remotely - make sure the device has this capability.

Tips provided by TechServe Alliance, copyright 2011.

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