Dreaming Big for 2013

The beginning of a new year is naturally a time to set goals, think ahead to what you would ike to see happen in 2013. This year, we at EDGE, challenge you to think bigger! If you could accomplish anything this year, what is it? Thinking past what has to get done or what hurdles you have ahead of you, what is that "in your wildest dreams" goal.

Now, write it down. Dreams cannot be focused on and moved toward without writing them down. Make them a concrete part of your life. Write them on notecards and keep them visible. Share them with others, so they can hold you accountable, encourage you and celebrate accomplishments.

Get specific. What is going to define success for that ultimate dream? How will you know you have arrived? How will you know you have surpassed it? Yes, make it measureable.

Define the steps. What things need to happen to move your toward your dream? What are the baby steps that must fall into place? Are there others you need to connect with to help you move ahead? What timeframes surround those steps?

Celebrate. Don't save the celebration until the very end. How can you celebrate progress? We all get discouraged, and tend to quit before we arrive, if we see this big dream out in the distance. Find ways to encourage yourself. Find ways to encourage others - it will come back to you.

We've all been to numerous training classes, sat through goal setting classes, and been asked by our employers to set goals. The process may seem boring and old-school, but it is still around for a reason. Setting goals, writing them down, defining steps and celebrating - they all work to move you forward.

But, the one thing different we are talking about today is going past goals. What are you dreams? If could say you have done anything in 2013, what is it? Now, go!

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