Articles of Interest from the Past Few Weeks

Tech Serve Alliance, a professional organization of staffing companies, recently linked to a couple of stories we found interesting and possibly helpful to our clients and IT consultants.

Why Cross the IT Chasm?

I use the term chasm to demonstrate the gap between two broadly accepted ways of receiving IT Services. Before I discuss the IT scenario let me lead with an analogy that is closer to home.

You're driving a 15-year-old car that creaks and groans but runs pretty well most of the time (except for the odd day it spends with the mechanics). You can't justify driving a better or newer car. Suddenly, through a change in circumstances, you receive a three-year-old car. What do you do?

Do you sell the old car and keep the new one? Or do you sell the new one and keep the old one?


4 Leadership Styles to Master

When it comes to leadership it doesn't matter if you manage a company with 500 employees or one where you are the only employee. Either environment will disprove the myth that leaders should stick to just one leadership style that they have perfected.


Four tips to thrive as 2012 brings the "singularity" of biz tech

Perhaps the term "revolution" is so overused in business that we have difficulty recognizing the gravity of the changes taking place. The revolution Thomas Friedman identified isn't marketing speak -- fundamental rules of business are being rewritten by technology. Business technology may not overtake human intelligence (as proposed by singularity theory), but it is creating an ability to collaborate that is unprecedented in human history. If innovation is the child of collaboration, we're going to see some seriously wild stuff.

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