Things To Consider

Consulting is a challenging and dynamic field.  As you consider entering this career path, we want you to know what we at EDGE look for in our consultants, what clients want out of consultants, and how to pull it all together for a successful career.

Consulting work is very different than full-time employment.  You must adapt to the:

  • Consulting market - rates, assignment lengths, unpaid bench time
  • Different client needs and cultures - fitting in and making a difference can require different adaptive behaviors
  • Travel (when required) - the travel can be strenuous and you must acclimate to it

Many people who enter consulting stay in the field and prefer it to full-time employment, once they’ve had time to adjust to the change.

What We Look For

EDGE consultants have one thing in common – depth of knowledge in the IT and business  industry, specifically for banks, credit unions, and finance companies. Almost all of our consultants have many years of experience in information technology and banking.

We are specifically looking for consultants with experience in:

  • Core Systems Processing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Branch Automation
  • Project Management
  • Custom Modifications
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Staff Augmentation

What Clients Look For

Our clients are looking for consultants who can adapt quickly. Secondly, they look at consultants experience and skill sets. Our clients expect core compentencies in the following areas:

  • Responsiveness (accessible, approachable, listens well, responds to clients and teammates)
  • Adaptability and Flexibility (able to adapt to new situations or new project requirements.)
  • Quality of Work (work meets all project requirements)
  • Written Communication (project documents, deliverables, correspondence are clear and concise)
  • Verbal Communications (presentations, meetings and voicemails are effective)
  • Time Management (makes effective use of calendars, prompt for meetings, meets schedules)
  • Team Player (works well with team members and customers, shares ideas, helps others)
  • Methodology Development (looks for new ways to improve processes and efficiency)
  • Technical Work (process flows, requirements specs, configurations)
  • Analysis Skills (problem solving, creativity, independent thinking)

Bringing It All Together

In EDGE’s 16 years in the consulting business, our consultants have identified characteristics that make them successful above others.

A good consultant:

  • Adapts to the client culture, quickly becoming part of the project team.
  • Ensures they are available and reachable at all times during the project, to their project manager, or supervisor, as well as team members.
  • Communicates their travel plans, so that the project manager or supervisor, client contacts, and fellow team members know their schedule.
  • Jumps in to assist any fellow team member, or client contact whenever they can see the other may be experiencing problems. Does not wait to be asked, but remains aware of what needs to be done. Does not experience “tunnel vision,” focusing strictly on their own assignment.
  • Shows a consistently positive, willing attitude. Consistently displays a dedication and commitment to doing the job right and is always willing to help in any way they can. Does not join in complaints about boring work or being tired on Mondays.
  • Displays respect and consideration for others – all clients, team members and supervisory staff. 
  • Does not indulge in gossip – knowing that gossip only fosters disharmony among team members and clients. 
  • Contributes constructive suggestions to EDGE on the possibility of future engagements, coming from an attitude of trying to assist the client in meeting their IT/Business needs.  Shares opinions about what EDGE can do better.
  • Displays a thoroughly professional attitude on all occasions – arriving on time at work and for meetings, working late without complaint when the work demands it, trying always to find the best and most efficient way of producing the work, dressing appropriately for the client’s work environment, and being flexible enough to greet changing needs with the knowledge that only change is constant.


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