Staff Augmentation

Today’s business environment demands three things – timeliness, cost-efficiency, and adaptability.  Because our consultants have extensive experience in banking information technology and business solutions, they understand the environments, the demands, the deadlines and the systems.

Just one phone call to EDGE and you have access to thousands of qualified candidates, each one carefully screened and ready to deliver on their years of banking experience and information technology expertise. Whether you need short-term support or long-term resources, EDGE consultants are there, ready to make it happen.

Our Areas of Expertise


  • M&A Conversions
  • New implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Systems integration

Core deposit/loan

  • Fidelity/Alltel/Systematics, Hogan, Metavante, AFS, Shaw, Trisyn/CA, Fiserv, Sanchez, Miser, Kirchman, AMS, Jack Henry, BISYS, Open Solutions, Flexcube, Temenos


  • Fiserv LeMans, IDS/DSI InfoLease, Fidelity Automotive Finance

Credit Origination

  • Argo Bankpro, CGI-AMS ACAPS, Fidelity Empower, Fidelity ALS-COM, Fidelity Loan Portal, Fiserv Unifi, PowerLender, Provenir

Branch Automation/CRM

  • Branch Automation: Argo Bankpro, Fidelity Touchpoint, S1/SDI Zeus, Harland Encore, i-Flex, Fiserv CBS, EDS SellStation, BankerInsight
  • CRM: Siebel, PeopleSoft, Microsoft CRM,, Pivotal

Credit Card Processing

  • TSYS, FDR, Hogan CAMS II

Collection/Charge Off

  • Fidelity Online Collections (KO)
  • London Bridge
  • Shaw
  • Trisyn/CA

ATM Processing

  • ACI Base 24
  • SDM OCM24
  • CVCS

Item/Exception Processing

  • CPCS
  • Supermicr
  • AFS
  • Check 21
  • Carreker
  • Sterling
  • Vector
  • Checkfree
  • Fidelity

Online Banking

  • Corillian
  • Digital Insight
  • Metavante
  • S1
  • Intervoice/Edify


Cash Management/Treasury Services

  • P&H
  • Hamilton & Sullivan
  • Fundtech
  • IntegraSys
  • Banklink
  • eFunds
  • Carreker Corp Payments Applications
  • Checkfree Federal Reserve Wires


  • Checkfree ACH PEP+
  • Checkfree SBA
  • Data Warehousing - Teradata, Oracle

Corporate Finance

  • GEAC E Series
  • GEAC M Series
  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Fidelity FMS


  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Fraud detection
  • SOX
  • Patriot Act
  • OFAC
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Know Your Customer
  • IRS Reporting - Fidelity Tax, Checkfree RRS

Quality Assurance

  • HP Quality Center, LoadRunner, WinRunner, Quick Test Pro
  • Compuware QA Director, QA Hiperstation, QA Hiperstation+, QA Load


  • Six Sigma
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)



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