Placement Process

Your EDGE recruiter(s) are your liaison to the EDGE consulting world.  They will contact you about opportunities in the EDGE sales pipeline whether you are currently consulting with EDGE, nearing the end of your assignment or you are an outside candidate seeking work.

While EDGE will make every effort to maintain contact with you, you can also help improve your placement process by:

  • Staying in regular contact with your recruiter, by email or phone
  • Updating your resume and sending it to your recruiter in advance of your current availability date
  • Contacting your recruiter periodically to let them know your availability and your placement preferences
  • Completing an EDGE skill questionnaire (SQ) to help EDGE document your placement preferences and to identify skills that may need to be added to your resume

You may hear from one or many EDGE recruiters when you are seeking an assignment. Make it a point to get to know and build a relationship with each of our recruiters, so they understand your strengths and market you more effectively.

The typical placement process works as follows for both traveling and work-from-home  assignments:

  • Recruiter contacts candidate or EDGE consultant about opportunity
  • Consultant candidates are presented to client for review and client will select candidates they wish to interview by phone or in-person.
  • Recruiter will schedule interview time with candidate.
  • If a placement is made, a consultant will be contacted by our Administration Department to finalize details, including reporting work hours and how to handle expenses, as well as client reporting requirements. Consultant will receive an offer letter via email.
  • The recruiter will be your point of contact for extensions on your assignment or for any assistance you might need in acclimating to the client site.  

EDGE proactively markets consultants in our database that are coming available. However, we will not communicate your name without your permission.

Occasionally, EDGE works with clients on soft opportunities, assignments that are anticipated by the client but do not yet have funding. EDGE works closely with our clients to lock-in candidate leads before opportunities are open to all firms. These opportunities often take longer from initial contact to placement. If you are being marketed to one of these soft opportunities, we will do our best to stay in contact and give your periodic updates. However, do not hesitate to call your recruiter and ask for status updates.


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