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10 Commandments for Succeeding as a Remote Professional

In the consulting world, many consultants have the opportunity to work remotely. It is a great opportunity, for both the consultant (flexibility, less travel, convenience) and for the employer (lower costs, more efficient professionals, access to talent otherwise out of reach). However, as profe...Read More

Stay Employed During These Difficult Times

The economy is a bit sluggish and worries of another recession are very real. Are you concerned about keeping your job in these tough times?  Are you looking for ways to boost your marketability? There are things you can do which will give you the best possible edge to stay employed now and in...Read More

EDGE Announces Staffing Changes

Kevin Clark, president and CEO of EDGE Services, recently made several announcements of staffing changes occurring within the organization. Jason Smith, a member of our recruiting team, will soon begin a new role with the EDGE Client Relations team.  Jason will be focused on developing new bus...Read More

Staffing Industry Seeing Signs of Improving Economy

In the staffing industry, the improving economy is reflected in the hiring patterns of our clients. Two years ago, at this time, we were seeing tighter budgets, consultants willing to cut rates to keep working, and drastic cuts in expenses. Moving through 2011, the economy is getting stronger and th...Read More

A Time of Growth and Cloudy Ambiguity in IT

Technology innovation and proliferation is a constant and has been even through this rough economy. Will new technology growth spur staffing in corporate and government IT departments? Will trends like cloud computing become mainstream methods of operation? Predicting specific growth trends in the ...Read More

Facebooking Yourself Out of a Job?

NetworkWorld recently reported on the results of a survey regarding how IT professionals use social media. Not surprisingly, 82 percent said they use at least one social media site (Facebook being the most popular at almost 90 percent) and of the almost 20 percent who don't, more than half say it's...Read More

Learning More About Right to Represent Documents (RTRs)

In the last few months, we have received an increasing number of questions about Right to Represent (RTR) documentation and their emerging use in the staffing industry. EDGE is seeing the use of RTRs increase among our client base, especially from those using Vendor Management Systems. Clients a...Read More

Message from Our CEO

Last year at this time, EDGE was starting to see the effects of the recession hit our business and our consultants. Fast forward, 12 months later, and we have come through one of the most challenging year's in our history."The last 12 months have definitely been a challenge. We started seeing the do...Read More

IT Jobs Volatility: What Does It Mean

The job market for IT professionals is turning around. But, to what degree is somewhat debated. Job gains in the technology sector grew through February, March and April. May's numbers were more muddied, showing a negative shift in the IT jobs landscape."The volatility we're seeing right now is bein...Read More

IT's Emerging Role in the Recovery

The damage from the recession is done. As the economy begins its tender steps to recovery, it is time to focus on growing, or re-growing, revenues and boosting profits. A recent survey from Gartner Inc. confirms that "IT-enabled changes will be a key element in their (CEOs) post-recession strategy."...Read More

IT Staffing Predictions Rise for 2010

After two long years of uncertainty for IT executives and professionals, times are changing for the better. Predicted IT staffing trends are the first clue that the new direction is positive. According to CIOInisght, a recent poll of CIOs conducted by the Society for Information Management (SIM) f...Read More

You in 160 Characters or Less

Career and business coaches suggest that you perfect your "elevator pitch" because you never know when you'll find yourself in front of a potential employer. So now that you've boiled your professional experience or idea down to 30 seconds or 100-150 words, along comes a new wrinkle in the recruitme...Read More

Sharpening Your Interview Skills

In the world of consulting, clients are looking for specific skill sets and hands-on experience. But, oftentimes, the decision to pick one consultant over another comes down to how they present themselves to the client during the interview process. "Our clients are usually looking for very specific...Read More

IT Employment Trends: Healthier Than the National Stats

  In the face of rising national unemployment, IT workers in general continue to experience lower unemployment rates. While the overall unemployment rate averaged 8.5% in 2Q:09, it was much less for many IT occupations. If a low unemployment is considered proxy for high demand, then computer p...Read More


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