Sharpening Your Interview Skills

In the world of consulting, clients are looking for specific skill sets and hands-on experience. But, oftentimes, the decision to pick one consultant over another comes down to how they present themselves to the client during the interview process.

"Our clients are usually looking for very specific skills sets. They need a person with precise expertise to get their job done. However, they are also looking at how well candidates communicate, how they interact with the interviewing team, and how prepared they were coming into the interview process," said Colleen Marhenke, EDGE recruiter.

Even if you have interviewed frequently and recently, it is important to continually hone your interview skills.

Our recruiters have several quick tips for staying ready for interview success:

  • Plan ahead and be prepared. That includes talking to your recruiter about what they know about the project and the company. Also, take some time to research the company online to have a general knowledge of who they are and where they serve customers. You will want to be able to answer the standard interview question, "What do you know about us?"
  • Review your resume and work history to refresh your memory about high points, key projects, and job responsibilities you have held with other organizations.
  • Compare your skills and work history to the job description. Take time to write it out, so you will have direct points and examples to share during the interview. The more relevant and prepared you appear in the interview, the better chance you have to walk away with the job.
  • Practice answering questions about yourself and your work history. Work on speaking precisely and clearly.
  • Be prepared to answer the age-old question, "Tell me about yourself." Have a short, two or three paragraph narrative about yourself that you can memorize and share briefly.
  • Be on time for the interview. First impressions stick.



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