Putting the Pieces Together: FDIC Acquisition Success

You have a lot of pieces to pull together as your financial institution faces the opportunity to acquire FDIC failed banks.

EDGE Services understands what you are up against and how everything needs to fit together for a smooth, successful transition. We've been there, we've done that!

EDGE Services works exclusively with banks, credit unions and finance companies.

We fill a unique niche in our industry because our banking consultants have successfully completed numerous mergers and acquistions, in hundreds of different scenarios. They have participated in mergers across the country and bring business process expertise in identifying and deploying the most effective business practices.

What EDGE can provide to you:

  • Complete acquisition teams or subject matter experts to manage the acquisition process, on both the IT and operations side of the bank.
  • Consultant services to create and deploy a conversion playbook, allowing for standardization of acquisitions for your bank and reduction of time and expense.
  • Additional consultant teams, in place quickly, as new acquisitions occur.
  • Project specific teams to coordinate individual projects that contribute to the larger acquisition effort.
  • Supplemental resources to support existing bank staff, with either acquisition related projects or day-to-day projects needing to stay on-track.

Why Call EDGE:

EDGE can supply transition teams or supplement your current staff.

We understand the balance you seek - taking on an FDIC acquisition and maintaining the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping things running smoothly. EDGE is here to support you in maintaining that balance through complete acquisition project teams or by supplementing your current staff, while they take on projects associated with the acquisition.

EDGE is also in a position to provide additional teams and staff as you acquire new banks. Call us and we will be there with resources ready to work.

We understand it's not just a data transaction.

EDGE consultants have been there, in the trenches working acquisitions and integrations in numerous different situations. We understand the complexities and requirements needed to coordinate and manage the integration of all of the bank systems, including product reconcilation, human resources and benefits, management of outside vendors, new equipment in branches, card orders/card reissue, and more.

Learn More About Our Success Stories:

  • Delivered multiple M&A/integrations on a fixed-price, 16-week conversion timeline for a mid-size bank. The projects utilized from 14 to 25 resources who were deployed on-site within 2-weeks of notification. Converted customer data included integrated Fidelity deposit and loans, in-house CIS, Safe Box Accounting, debit/credit cards, marketing mailings, and general ledger.
  • Analyzed conversion time-line over an eight week period for a large bank and documented streamlined processes, resulting in capability to complete a data conversion of an acquired bank in 90 days.
  • Provided 15 PM's and BA's on two separate bank conversions for a mid-size bank, staffing much of the core processing application needs on the projects. Both conversions were completed on time and within budget and were regarded by the bank as highly successful.
  • Provided 12 PM/BA/programming resources to a mid-size Ohio bank for Hogan, AFS and FDR application conversion work. The conversion project was highly successful, coming in within budget and on time.


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