Protecting Customer Information In Test Environments

How secure is customer information in your test environment?  It is a question crucial to data privacy and your organization's ability to prevent data breaches.

EDGE consultant teams are specialists in masking data in large banks. Our teams have implemented procedures for banks who are just starting to secure customer data in test environments, as well as improved established processes in other organizations.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Aligned privacy policies with FDIC definitions for protecting consumer financial information
  • Reduced risk of privacy breaches in the application development and testing environments
  • Consistent masking to value or text
  • Consistent approach across applications
  • Encryption and, subsequently, de-encryption as directed
  • Minimal investment in new tools - utilizes standard in-house IBM Tools (IDCAMS, JCL, COBOL, and File-AID/Data Solutions)
  • Knowledge transfer to in-house staff for ongoing support, including on-site training

To learn more about data masking and how EDGE can assist you in securing customer data, see our Case Study or contact by email or by calling 703-496-4262.


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