Message from Our CEO

Last year at this time, EDGE was starting to see the effects of the recession hit our business and our consultants. Fast forward, 12 months later, and we have come through one of the most challenging year's in our history.

"The last 12 months have definitely been a challenge. We started seeing the downturn last summer and a continual drop in demand continued through the fall, winter and into first quarter," said Kevin Clark, EDGE president and CEO. "The trend is now going back up, quickly, and we are anticipating one of our best years ahead of us."

Generating New Business
EDGE is working with several established clients on larger FDIC acquisitions, as well as concentrating efforts on expanding our reach into established clients.

"We have several strong clients, who have had a relationship with us for years, but may only use our consultants in one or two areas. There are opportunities to expand and extend our placements across the organizations. We are focusing a lot of our sales efforts in those client accounts," said Clark.

The Sales Team is also working to open doors into new accounts, especially promoting our project management services and the strength of our project managers.

Referrals are a powerful key, according to Clark.

On the sales and job opportunity side, referrals lead to better and more effective contacts with new managers within an organization. "Our clients are in a constant state of change, bringing in new managers and moving others around. By talking to our established contacts and getting referrals from them, we are able to build new relationships faster and more effectively than if we tried to reach those contacts through cold calling. We have to continually build our brand with hiring managers and that is most effective when we can do that through referrals" said Clark.

As a consultant, if you hear about new opportunities that might result in placements for EDGE, please tell us about it. You can contact your recruiting contact or call any member of our sales team.

EDGE is also seeking referrals to other consultants.

"Right now, the hot area is Fidelity resources. These are in high demand and everyone is looking for them, including EDGE. If you know of a Fidelity resource ready to work, let us know. We can get them into the EDGE family and start promoting them for placement," Clark said.

And, don't forget, EDGE pays a referral bonus for consultants you bring into our organization!

The most effective lead generating tool is our generating referrals and they lead to the best of the best in our consultant base.

We are looking to our clients and our consultants to share information about what is going on, where the needs are and what consultants are available and ready to work. Referrals gleaned from personal contact and direct information are always more effective than cold calling.

"Our Sales Team and Recruiting staff are all on the phone and in contact with many people throughout the day. However, we can't be the eyes and ears to the every day activity in an account. So, as you meet other consultants, meet new contacts or hear of opportunities coming on the horizon, please tell us about it. The more information we have and direct referral type contacts make us stronger," said Clark.


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