Meet One of Our Project Managers: Melanee Perdue

Years of banking experience: 34

Years of PM experience: 16

Years as a Consultant: 6

Areas of Banking: Lending, Branch Management, Collections, Loan Operations, CIF, Checking, Savings, Deposit Operations, Cash Management, ACH

How would you describe your PM style?

Flexible. Project Management work involves managing a lot of change.  The scope of a project, the team involved and the needed outcomes can change quickly. I am quick to adapt and roll with that flow.

Even-keeled personality.  I remain calm and focused during periods of high stress. 

Good communicator and team builder. I work well with the business and technology sides and build warm cooperative relationships with fellow project managers and team members. Together, we anticipate, assess and resolve issues through openness and lots of communication. 

Big picture person, with the ability to drill down. Because of my banking and management experience, I am able to understand the big picture needs of the bank, as well as anticipate and resolve large and small issues that come up throughout the project

Can you share some of your significant project management accomplishments?

A couple of projects come to mind. The first, is one that I won a leadership award for organizing staff, technology and quality assurance in a large data center to improve efficiency.  I made the staff and management team happy by improving workflow and audit scores.

Another project that stands out in my mind is one that converted 42 banks to three processing centers. I was able to lead the team through the project and save $32 million for the client.

How does banking experience make you a better consultant and project manager?

One, my banking and management experience gives me an edge in assessing the situation and anticipating where conflicts or opportunities may arise. Second, my knowledge base helps me better understand how needs and issues are going to impact other departments. Third, I have the ability to manage from the top, but delve deep into detail as necessary. I know what my customers are “living.” I’ve been there.

What is the secret of being a good PM?

You must care about the bank, have loyalty, understand what they want, get to know people, and learn the details unique to that organization. I dig in and learn what I can about the roles of my teammates so I can discover what I can do to make it easier for all of us to get the job done.

Flexibility is another big factor. As a project manager, you do whatever is needed, at the time, to get the desired results. 


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