IT Jobs Volatility: What Does It Mean

The job market for IT professionals is turning around. But, to what degree is somewhat debated. Job gains in the technology sector grew through February, March and April. May's numbers were more muddied, showing a negative shift in the IT jobs landscape.

"The volatility we're seeing right now is being driven by employers taking advantage of a window of opportunity to think through what has to be done and take calculated steps toward implementing new staffing models," said David Foote, chief research officer of Vero Beach, Fla.-based Foote Partners in a June 7 statement. "It's very hard to make big changes when things are going well. Enterprises often have to wait for periods of massive flux like this to get 'unstuck.' IT is being shoved very hard by the business to make significant changes in deploying people and skills."

What This Means for EDGE and Our Consultants
"It is confusing to look at the different reports and get your head around what is really going on the market. However, while the overall IT employments trends are debatable, EDGE's area of focus in banking application and business SME's is strong.
We are also seeing high, consistent demand for project managers, specifically with banking knowledge," said Kevin Clark, EDGE president and CEO.

A recent survey by also provide some direction and indicators of market conditions for hiring:
• Applications and Infrastructure in Highest Demand: Developers and technology professionals rank highest in hiring priority over the next six months. Project Management and Business Analysts were next on the list, with Telecom and ERP positions the lowest on the in-demand list.
• Hope on the Horizon: The joint report based on Technisource and's, "2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey," indicates recovery, and, possibly, growth on the horizon for the IT sector and the economy.
• IT Jobs at the top of the Priority List: Seventy-eight percent of those polled, across multiple industries, said they plan to hire IT workers. Respondents also said they are "confident their company's performance will improve" across the same time period.
• Top Qualifications for New Hires: If you're looking for a new position, some recruiters advise you keep your resume fluid and customize it before you submit. Beyond type of work experience, 68 percent of hiring managers are searching for candidates who fit into their culture and who have more years experience.

"The survey conducted by Monster, I believe, is pretty indicative of where we are headed in the second half of this year. We are seeing these events in our clients and in the requests we are receiving for resources. Also, our clients are getting more picky and granular in the skills they need. I encourage all of our consultants to make sure that they list all of their application skills somewhere on their resume. That will ensure that are considered for all of the positions coming open," said Clark.


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