10 Commandments for Succeeding as a Remote Professional

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate! This can’t be reinforced enough. Communication is the key to succeeding as a remote professional. Setting up deliberate and regular avenues of communication (onsite, phone calls, email, conference calls, Skype) is crucial to keep you plugged-in.
  2. Set aside a dedicated workspace and make sure you have the right tools. Working remote requires a mindset and setting up a professional workspace will ensure your success. A couple of must-haves - a high-speed, reliable internet connection and proper telephone equipment. Also helpful are a fax/scanner/printer and a video camera for teleconferencing.
  3. Get dressed for the day. You don’t have to put on the business suit or even khaki’s and a dress shirt. But, by committing to the routine of “getting ready for the day” helps you mentally transition from “home” to “office.”
  4. Remove distractions. As a remote professional you will spend a great deal of time on the phone. When setting up your office space, take steps to eliminate distractions that will interfere with clear phone conversations - dogs barking, lawn mowers, kids talking, etc. 
  5. Be ready and able to show results. This starts by communicating with your manager when you come into the job. What defines success for them? What challenges are they facing that you can help with? As you work, document your progress, work processes, roadblocks and results.
  6. Look for ways to add value to your job, department and organization. You have a unique perspective, as a remote professional. Be open to identifying those opportunities and bringing ideas to the table.
  7. Respect the fact that you aren’t in the office and may not have a complete picture of the environment. This requires you to listen more, ask questions, and then listen even more.
  8. Protect your work product just as you would in an office setting. Follow your employer’s policies and ensure that your home office space is secure and protects proprietary information, including having the ability to shred documents and being extremely conscious of any code or information that includes identifiable data.
  9. Commit to a work/life balance. Out-of-sight employees can sometimes cause managers to be a little uncomfortable with remote resources. That doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your desk, but make sure you are available to your manager and co-workers, attend and participate in conference calls, and communicate frequently. You can still enjoy the benefits of working remote (flexibility, convenience), but ensure work commitments are met.
  10. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! Did we mention this is the KEY to being a successful remote professional?

To download a copy of our 10 Commandments, click here. For more information about remote work opportunities with EDGE and our clients, please contact one of our Recruiting Team members.


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