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Banking Projects on Track from Start to Finish

Your environment is complex. Your challenges change, sometimes daily, and multiple demands impact the direction and timelines of projects. EDGE understands what you are facing.  “As a bank operations IT manager, I call on EDGE to help me solve real challenges, large and small. EDGE...Read More

Ensuring Success for Your Merger & Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions You have a lot of pieces to pull together as you face a merger or acquisition. EDGE Services understands what you are up against and how everything needs to fit together for a smooth, successful transition. EDGE Services works exclusively with banks, credit unio...Read More

PMP Certification: Required or Not Necessary

Any successful Project Manager must simultaneously manage the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and scope. All of these elements are interrelated and must be managed effectively. But the real question is - when does a project require a project manager with PMP certificatio...Read More

10 Commandments for Succeeding as a Remote Professional

Communicate, communicate, communicate! This can’t be reinforced enough. Communication is the key to succeeding as a remote professional. Setting up deliberate and regular avenues of communication (onsite, phone calls, email, conference calls, Skype) is crucial to keep you plugged-in. ...Read More

Dodd-Frank to bring major changes to IT organizations

 As the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enters its second year of implementation, the pressure to comply is expected to grow exponentially for IT organizations in every sector. According to International law firm Davis Polk, complying will not be easy: the law firm est...Read More

IT Spending to Increase in 2012

InformationWeek’s annual Outlook 2012 Survey displayed a very bullish outlook on 2012. The report, which queries 605 business technology professionals on their plans for IT spending and hiring in 2012, found that 25 percent of companies are planning to expand IT staff and only nine percent wil...Read More

9 Hot IT Skills for 2012

Computerworld recently published a really good article on what is ahead for 2012.  Slowly but surely, many U.S. companies are loosening their viselike grips on IT hiring and looking to add new staffers to bolster business growth in the year ahead. That trend is reflected in Computerworld's...Read More

Staffing Changes at EDGE

Kevin Clark, president and CEO of EDGE Services, recently made two announcements of staffing changes occurring within the organization. Jason Smith, a member of our recruiting team, will soon begin a new role with the EDGE Client Relations team.  Jason will be focused on developing new busines...Read More

The Bane and Benefits of Social Media

Social media giants Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others may be keeping a lot of CIOs up at night due to security and privacy issues. IT World Canada recently reported that despite these drawbacks, companies should accept social media as an important means to innovation. The panel of experts incl...Read More

Meet One of Our Project Managers: Melanee Perdue

Years of banking experience: 34 Years of PM experience: 16 Years as a Consultant: 6 Areas of Banking: Lending, Branch Management, Collections, Loan Operations, CIF, Checking, Savings, Deposit Operations, Cash Management, ACH How would you describe your PM style? Flexible. Project Management wor...Read More

Supporting Managers of VMS, Procurement or MSPs

Does your day go something like this - field staffing requests from departments, analyze request in framework of the organization’s standards and metrics, communicate staffing need to numerous different staffing firms, and sift through all of the submissions brought by the staffing firms. Oh, ...Read More

Looking Back, Looked Ahead

A message from Kevin Clark, EDGE President and CEO To say 2010 had its challenges is really an understatement. For EDGE and our consultants, the beginning of 2010 was not looking bright. At the beginning of year, a number of our consultants were not working, but wanted to. Our clients were not ...Read More

Protecting Customer Information In Test Environments

How secure is customer information in your test environment?  It is a question crucial to data privacy and your organization's ability to prevent data breaches. EDGE consultant teams are specialists in masking data in large banks. Our teams have implemented procedures for banks who are just st...Read More

Putting the Pieces Together: FDIC Acquisition Success

You have a lot of pieces to pull together as your financial institution faces the opportunity to acquire FDIC failed banks. EDGE Services understands what you are up against and how everything needs to fit together for a smooth, successful transition. We've been there, we've done that! EDGE Servic...Read More


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