Fidelity Expertise

There is no question that a consultant's knowledge and experience in a subject matter area is a major factor in the success and timing of a project. An additional factor - a consultant's knowledge of how core systems impact the project - can mean the difference between success and delivery beyond expectation.

One of EDGE's specialties is supporting organizations who run Fidelity's Systematics Suite of applications, on both the IT and operations sides of the organization.

Advanced Fidelity Expertise
Our consultants specializing in Fidelity systems and software have worked in thousands of different scenarios, with banking clients of differing sizes and locations.

Total Project Management
Our resources fill project responsibilities in project management, business analysis, technical programming, and quality assurance.

Direct Experience Across Banking
EDGE Fidelity resources have direct expertise with numerous interface areas, such as cash management, internet banking, front-end origination systems, PEP+, ATM and General Ledger operations.

Quality Improvement
Our consultants' expertise brings opportunity to uncover unidentified cost savings, time efficiencies and quality improvement.

Extensive Banking Experience
The majority of our consultants have 15+ years of experience in banking and their field of expertise.

Because of our years of experience with Fidelity's Systematics Suite, we deliver more than a finished project. Consultants' specific knowledge of Fidelity software and how it interacts with other systems gives you the competitive advantage to tap into experience not available internally and enhance the knowledge of your team.

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