Survey Shows Increasing Flexibility in Hiring Models

At EDGE, we have obviously always advocated the flexibility and benefits of hiring contractual consultants to add needed expertise to projects, conversions, upgrades, and more.

This week, we ran across a recent survey on CIO Insight that surveyed 2,500 CIOs and found an increasing usage of alternative hiring models, including contractual, part-time, and overseas resources. 

To see the summary slide show of the study, click here.

“CIOs are facing new challenges presented by a world which is increasingly mobile, using social networking tools to transact and communicate,” says Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash. “Technology leaders have to deal with the two main priorities from the CEO: driving innovation, particularly in the mobile applications area, while continuing to manage costs. The result is an increased dependence on a flexible, multi-sourced environment.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Our EDGE consultants support just those kind of situations - bringing in highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals to meet an specific need within an organization. Also, because of their experience in supporting numerous other banking clients, they have the flexibility and organizational skills to work effectively with multiple banking departments and personnel at all levels.

If your organization is going through a hiring model transition or is looking at increasing consultant support, call us and let's talk through your situation. We will walk through the challenges, opportunities, and issues to find the right fit for your organization.

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