Meet one of our Consultants: LeeAnn Renneker

Strong communicator,” “works well with everyone regardless of position or function,” and “maintains a positive attitude under all conditions.” Those are all phrases used by our executive level clients* to describe EDGE consultant LeeAnn Renneker. Another described her by saying, “LeeAnn manages projects with a broad perspective of how all of the parts are dependent and interconnected.” And finally another called her “a joy to work with.”

Renneker has been an EDGE project manager consultant since 2010, serving at two different client sites and both involving an initial placement followed by long-term contract renewals.

Renneker’s background includes over 20 years in the financial services industry, the majority in the banking industry.  Her recent assignments are in Wealth Management with projects in Asset Management, Retirement Services, and Trust & Custody. Her expertise is focused in:

  • Business and IT projects
  • Change Management (organizational, process, and system)
  • Operations improvements
  • Acquisitions and conversions
  • Financial/Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Intranet and internet
  • Debit and credit cards

In addition to her technical skills, Renneker delivers an extensive portfolio of soft skills that make the difference.

  • Very adaptable to change, while still being able to balance the needs and uniqueness of a PMO with an organization’s culture.
  • Gift for working successfully with clients from upper management to technical teams, plus everyone in between. Described as a “fabulous relationship builder”, LeeAnn builds rapport with her teams gaining allies who help get the work done.  
  • Great meeting facilitator and an excellent communicator who can summarize issues and keep the discussion moving towards problem resolution to end with agreed on next steps.
  • Self-starter who doesn’t waste a moment of time to tackle the issues at hand regardless of size, complexity or audience.  She is described as “courageous – no question (positive or controversial) is left unasked!”

Renneker is supported by the EDGE recruiting, administrative and sales teams, as needed. She said, “EDGE has been one of the best consulting companies I have worked with in managing the fine line between allowing consultants the freedom to get the job done while being involved and available to assist when needed.”

For more information about EDGE Consultant LeeAnn Renneker or any of our other specialized business and IT banking consultants, contact Scott Koenig.

* Due to contractual agreements, EDGE does not reveal the names of clients we serve. 

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