Hot Technology Predictions for 2011

Numerous articles are reporting IT hiring was up in 2010 and continuing to increase in early 2011. We are seeing that trend, at EDGE, as well. Great news! IT professionals are getting back to work.

But, what is going to shape the work we do this year and in the next few years? A recent article on CIO Update gives us their predictions for 2011. 7 Hot Technology Trends for 2011 predicts several issues are going to be at the forefront this year:

Social media privacy – Are we going to start seeing privacy regulation for Facebook and other social networking sites?

Cloud computing – There is a lot of discussion about it. Some organizations are working to adopt the technology, others remain hesitant due to privacy, security and data integrity.

Internet regulation – What are we going to see in 2011?

Year of the Tablet – A year ago, the iPad was the cutting edge. Other competitors are entering the hot market and the public is making tablets a way of life.

You can find the CIOUpdate article here.

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