Gamechangers verses the Whirlwind

A couple of weeks ago, on our blog, we talked about dreaming big for 2013; going after the things you want. We also outlined some steps for defining, measuring and spelling out the steps of your dream. Today, we want to talk about balancing that dream with the every day demands.

In a meeting yesterday, someone shared an illustration that we have to balance our "gamechangers" (dreams/big goals) with our "whirlwind" (the every day demands). Excellent way to look at it.

So, how do we do that? How do we balance our desire to achieve big dreams for ourselves and our organizatoins with the demands, the phone ringing, the email stacking up, and the meetings?

A couple of suggestions:

Pick one or two gamechangers. No more. Stephen Covey teaches concentrating on one to two goals at time. You aren't going to achieve any more, with any amount of excellence. If you pick 3 or more, your chances of achieving any of your gamechanging goals drops dramatically.

Spell it out. What are the steps that will lead to achivement of the gamechanger? What timetable do those things need to happen? Set aside an hour or two a week, at least, to work on those gamechangers. Get away from your desk (if possible), shut off the email alerts, and turn the phone on silent. Devote the time and attention to work forward on your gamechangers.

Accountability. You may have others accountable to you to help achieve the gamechanging goals or you may be accountable to someone else to make their goals happen. Set regular touchpoints (10-20 minutes a week or bi-weekly) to share where you are, what challenges you are having, what opportunities have come up, and what you need to keep moving forward. Communication is key to any successful enterprise and is especially crucial when in gamechanging mode.

Celebrate successes along the way. Gamechangers are usually large goals, involving mutliple steps and time. Find places along the way to celebrate your progress. It will keep you motiviated and moving forward, as well as give you something to look forward to when you are struggling in the trenches.

Keep dreaming!



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