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Good reads this week

What's ahead for the second half of 2016? Where is the economy going? How are hiring trends going to be impacted? This past week we ran across two interesting articles with insight into what's ahead. US Economy Brushes Off Brexit Worries, Shows Signs of Strength 10 IT Hiring Plans...Read More

What We Can Do: Projects

Your environment is complex. Your challenges change, sometimes daily, and multiple demands impact the direction and timelines of projects. EDGE understands what you are facing. “As a bank operations IT manager, I call on EDGE to help me solve real challenges, large and small. EDGE under...Read More

Staffing Unplanned Projects

You've been there. Your IT project plans are outlined and deadlines are set, work is underway and, it jumps up – an unplanned project. The new work must be done, along with what you already have in progress. Your staff is fully engaged and there is no extra time or resources. Now is the...Read More

10 Commandments for Succeeding as a Remote Professional

In the consulting world, many consultants have the opportunity to work remotely. It is a great opportunity, for both the consultant (flexibility, less travel, convenience) and for the employer (lower costs, more efficient professionals, access to talent otherwise out of reach). However, as pr...Read More

Time to Consider Remote Workers: How to Hire and Manage

Today, we are going to talk about the best way to hire and manage telecommuters. While it does take some additional effort, the payoff in hiring flexibility, productivity and employee satisfaction can greatly outweigh the time and money invested. Hiring the Right People Successful telecom...Read More

Keys to holding teams accountable

Expectations. Capability. Measurement. Feedback. Consequences. When holding teams accountable, what do these have in common? They all have to be....clear. Read this great article on keys to holding teams accountable. ...Read More

Turning tough questions into decisions

Decisions are tough. Big ones or little ones, they can create obstacles. Some organizations get bogged down in making decisions about projects, staffing, budgets, timelines, vendors and the list goes on and on. We found an excellent article  - Three Timeless Rules For Making Tough Decisi...Read More

Communication Skills for Successful Remote Professionals

As a remote professional, you do have some luxuries – you can work in your jammies and your commute involves stepping over the dog on the way to your desk. On the flip side, you also have a few challenges your on-site co-workers do not – out of sight, out of mind, you can't walk d...Read More

Do You Really Need a PMP Certified Manager for That Project?

What makes a good PM? What skills do they bring to the table? Do they have to be certified to be an asset to your project? The answers vary widely from organization to organization. The answer comes down, at least from our perspective, it all depends! A successful Project Manager mu...Read More

Keep Them Coming Back for More

You deliver your work to meet exactly what the client specified.  It is delivered by the deadline provided, so why are you not asked back for a repeat engagement?  It is not enough to just deliver what the client asked for and to do so by a deadline.  There are several things t...Read More

Brain Break: Good articles we wanted to share

Over the last few months, we have come across several interesting articles we wanted to share: Three Unlikely Industries Innovating in Tech Hiring IT Salary Survey 2015: Highlights I've Followed Warren Buffett For Decades And These 10 Quotes Are What I Keep Coming Back To 5 Se...Read More

Good Message to Graduates (And to the Rest of Us)

We read all kinds of blogs, every week - banking blogs, tech blogs, business blogs, marketing blogs. You name it and we read it or we will start reading it (if you tell us about it). One of the blogs and newsletters we read on a regular basis is The Marketing Minute by Drew McLellan and his team ...Read More

Exciting Announcement about Java Developers

A message from CEO Kevin Clark..... I’m excited to announce a program that changes the rules when it comes to finding Java developers.  We call it FastTrack’D and it allows our clients to access Java talent local to their offices at savings of 25-40%, while creating technolog...Read More

Learning More About Right to Represent Documents (RTRs)

 In the last few months, we have received an increasing number of questions about Right to Represent (RTR) documentation and their emerging use in the staffing industry. EDGE is seeing the use of RTRs increase among our client base, especially from those using Vendor Management Systems. ...Read More

Meet one of our Consultants: LeeAnn Renneker

Strong communicator,” “works well with everyone regardless of position or function,” and “maintains a positive attitude under all conditions.” Those are all phrases used by our executive level clients* to describe EDGE consultant LeeAnn Renneker. Another describ...Read More

Good Reads

In the last few weeks, we have come across a couple of good articles on Twitter that made us think about how we work every day. What makes the difference between a  productive day and a non-productive day? What propels us forward on a project? What delays us? The Micromanager's Guide...Read More

Succeeding as a Remote Professional, Setting Up Your Office

Last month, we wrote about the 10 Commandments for Succeeding as a Remote Professional. It was just a highlight of best practices we have gleaned from our consultants, who work remotely and support our cliens. On Twitter, this morning, Forbes posted an oustanding, must-read article for remote...Read More

The Realities of Balancing IT Budgets with Business Demands - How Will All the Work Be Accomplished?

That time of year may be rolling around again - budget time. Or, if you are like many organizations, just as you get one done, you are already discussing and strategizing for the next. What projects are required by the business you support?  How much will it all cost and how are you goin...Read More

Is Underemployment Worse Than We Think

A few weeks ago, the Friends of the U.S Chamber of Commerce highlighted an interesting article from USA Today, “Why Underemployment May Be Worse Than It Looks.” The article highlights the recent U.S. Labor Department report which shows a growing trend in employment, but also highl...Read More

Is outsourcing on its way out?

A recent article in ComputerWorld highlights a growing trend it is seeing across several different industries. “Outsourcing, adieu: Companies retake the reins on IT services,” was posted July 18. As an IT outsourcing organization, we at EDGE found it a very interesting read. The a...Read More

Telecommuters: Should Everyone Return Back to the Office

A few weeks ago, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made headlines by ending telecommuting at the tech giant. A week later, Best Buy made the same announcement, calling all workers back to the office. The backlash was quick, but there were also defenders. For CEOs and leadership teams trying to turn the...Read More

EDGE: Supporting Managers of VMS/Procurement/Managed Service Providers

This week we want to highlight an area in which we are growing. Our support of VMS/Procurement/Managed Service Providers managers is one such area. Does your day go something like this - field staffing requests from departments, analyze request in framework of the organization’s standar...Read More

Supporting Hiring Managers in VMS/Procurement Environments

For the last two weeks, we have taken time to highlight one of our most successful service areas – serving clients with vendor management/procurement/managed service providers. This week, we are highlighting a few points we feel are important to IT and business area hiring managers working ...Read More

Gamechangers verses the Whirlwind

A couple of weeks ago, on our blog, we talked about dreaming big for 2013; going after the things you want. We also outlined some steps for defining, measuring and spelling out the steps of your dream. Today, we want to talk about balancing that dream with the every day demands. In a meeting ...Read More

Dreaming Big for 2013

The beginning of a new year is naturally a time to set goals, think ahead to what you would ike to see happen in 2013. This year, we at EDGE, challenge you to think bigger! If you could accomplish anything this year, what is it? Thinking past what has to get done or what hurdles you have ahead of...Read More

Benefits of Telecommuters

EDGE has long been a proponent of telecommuting - tapping into the best talent for the job at-hand, without being tied to the boundaries or expenses of finding, hiring and relocating. Rich Hein, from CIO.com, recently published an article on www.networkworld.com, based upon an interview he had w...Read More

IT Spending Expectations Remain Steady in Second Half of 2012, But Under Increased Scrutiny

Despite an uncertain economic outlook, IT spending growth is expected to continue into the second half of 2012 as initially budgeted according to several reports and surveys. A survey by CDW Corporation, of more than 1,000 IT decision makers, found that half expect their company's budget to increas...Read More

Time Management: A Couple of Quick Tip Reminders

Much has been written about Time Management - search the web and you will see it is not a new topic.  We are not going to invent a new solutions here.  But, we did run across some timeless “ideas” we thought we would share in the hopes they will help you manage things a bit eas...Read More

Articles of Interest from the Past Few Weeks

A couple of good articles we ran across recently: Up and Coming Tech Jobs How to Align Your IT Services Strategy with the Business 5 Outsourcing Trends to Watch...Read More

Tips & Tricks: Better Seach Results

Looking for a Needle in the Haystack? Despite advances in search engine technology, anyone researching a subject or looking for a particular document or file often needs to scroll through multiple screens of results. Here's a quick trick that could save some time sorting through non-relevant search...Read More

Top Issues IT Professionals Face in 2012

An annual study of IT executives prepared by global strategic advisory company, The Hackett Group, offers a good glimpse into the key issues facing IT organizations. In its newly published report, The Hackett Group concludes that 2012 will be a trying year for IT organizations.  The key issues...Read More

Presenting Yourself: Staying at the Top of Your Game

Whether you are a long time consultant or a newbie, it always pays to take the occasional step back and look at how you presenting yourself to potential employers. As a staffing company, we have seen all kinds of resumes, interviewed all kinds of candidates, and worked with thousands of hirin...Read More

Articles of Interest from the Past Few Weeks

Tech Serve Alliance, a professional organization of staffing companies, recently linked to a couple of stories we found interesting and possibly helpful to our clients and IT consultants. Why Cross the IT Chasm? I use the term chasm to demonstrate the gap between two broadly accepted ways of rece...Read More

IT spending to increase in 2012

InformationWeek’s annual Outlook 2012 Survey displayed a very bullish outlook on 2012. The report, which queries 605 business technology professionals on their plans for IT spending and hiring in 2012, found that 25 percent of companies are planning to expand IT staff and only nine percent wil...Read More

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season

From the EDGE family to yours, we wish you a joyous holiday season. We look forward to doing business with you in 2012....Read More

Articles of Interest

Every once and a while, we like to share articles of interest we have run across in the newsletters, blogs and news feeds we follow. Some of these articles are recent, some are older, but have been revived through blogs and newsletters EDGE subscribes to. We thought you might find them of interest, ...Read More

7 Skills New IT Grads Are Lacking

Last month, ComputerWorld published an interesting article on the 7 Key Skills New IT Grads Are Lacking. We found it to be very interesting article that presented opportunities for us to talk about how we, at EDGE, can meet the needs outlined by IT departments. The article defined the seven areas a...Read More

New Approach to CPR

We don't often go off-industry-topic here at EDGE, but we recently ran across an article that we think is helpful to everyone. The University of Arizona School of Medicine has recently released an alternative to the traditional certified CPR program many of us have taken over the years. The new tec...Read More

9 hot IT skills for 2012

Computerworld recently published a really good article on what is ahead for 2012.  Slowly but surely, many U.S. companies are loosening their viselike grips on IT hiring and looking to add new staffers to bolster business growth in the year ahead. That trend is reflected in Computerworld's ...Read More

Tribute to Legend

This week,a long with the rest of the world (especially the tech world), we pay tribute to a legend and a visionary. You will be missed, Mr. Jobs. May we all remember his advice. Steve Jobs Standford Commencement Address - 2005...Read More

Enterprise App Stores and IT Changing Needs

We ran across this interesting article about the rapidly expanding need for IT resources with mobile experience. While we are not seeing this need at EDGE, yet, we are seeing on the horizon and planning accordingly. Will Enterprise App Stores Change IT Staffing Needs? With the huge explosion of in...Read More

Articles of Interest from the Past Few Weeks

A couple of good articles we have run across recently:The 3 Secrets To Extremely Loyal Employees 5 Online Learning Resources To Help You Run Your Business Better Why Real Recruiters Rank LinkedIn #1 ...Read More

How Are You Using Social Media

At EDGE, we have had a social media presence for just at a year. We have wrestled with how to best use this tool? Is it right for EDGE? Are our key audiences using social media? If yes, how are they using? How do they want EDGE to use it to interact with them? So, we are curious....what are your th...Read More

Email, Cell Phones, Instant Messaging, Social Media Pervasive Interruptions Abound

Fifteen years ago the most offensive technology interruption we had to deal with was the ringing of the land line. Now, switch to today’s technological landscape... most people carry phones around with them that not only interrupt for voice communication, but now they ping, pong, vibrate, and ...Read More

Data Centers Expecting Growth

We recently ran across this article from TechServe Alliance, highlighting growth in data centers. We thought it might be of interest to our clients and consultants.   According to Cisco Systems, Inc., internet traffic is expected to grow four times in the next five years. Due to this predicte...Read More

Stay Employed During These Difficult Times

The economy is a bit sluggish and worries of the government’s actions on the debt ceiling have a lot of us concerned about what the future holds in the next 6-18 months. Are you concerned about keeping your job in these tough times?  Are you looking for ways to boost your marketability? ...Read More

Staffing Changes at EDGE

Kevin Clark, president and CEO of EDGE Services, recently made two announcements of staffing changes occurring within the organization. Jason Smith, a member of our recruiting team, will soon begin a new role with the EDGE Client Relations team.  Jason will be focused on developing new busi...Read More

Security Measures Apply to Smartphones, Too

Most enterprises should have detailed procedures and theft recovery solutions to mitigate losses from a misplaced or stolen laptop. As smart phones become a ubiquitous part of corporate life, the need to apply those same rigorous standards has increased. Here are a few suggestions to lessen your ri...Read More

Happy Fourth of July

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt...Read More

Changing Landscape of Recruiting

Ere.net, an intelligence and community site for recruiters, recently wrote an opinion piece on the dynamic changes occurring in the field. In their article, A Vision for the Future of Recruitment: Recruitment 3.0, they summarize the impending changes saying “Recruitment is undergoing a change....Read More

Community Bankers Face a Choice: Sell Out, Fold or Change

Barb Rehm, editor at large for American Banker, recently wrote an article on community bankers and the growing pressure to consolidate among community banks. We thought this was an excellent article on the pressures facing some of the smaller banks in our business, those that are focused on se...Read More

Survey Shows Increasing Flexibility in Hiring Models

At EDGE, we have obviously always advocated the flexibility and benefits of hiring contractual consultants to add needed expertise to projects, conversions, upgrades, and more. This week, we ran across a recent survey on CIO Insight that surveyed 2,500 CIOs and found an increasing usage of alternat...Read More

Core Systems - Are you in transition?

Last Friday, BankTech ran an interesting blog article on core systems and the emerging need to demolish the current infrastructure and look to more agile systems.  Hard Hat Required: Bank Systems’ Reconstruction Site "Banks not planning some sort of core systems demolition soon will be...Read More

Staffing Industry Seeing Signs of Improving Economy

In the staffing industry, the improving economy is reflected in the hiring patterns of our clients. Two years ago, at this time, we were seeing tighter budgets, consultants willing to cut rates to keep working, and drastic cuts in expenses. Moving through 2011, the economy is getting stronger and th...Read More

It Is Not Just an Assignment

It would be so easy to tell yourself each assignment is just a short snippet of work which has to get done by a certain deadline date. Don’t get involved in anything else, just focus on what you are contracted to do. But, as a consultant, you have a very unique perspective and opportunity to ...Read More

Reinventing Yourself, Staying Current with Technology

It changes daily. PC, internet, mobile devices, wireless, cloud computing…it is there, happening, changing and emerging every day. So, how do we, as professionals working in the technology industry stay current on what is available and impacting our work and personal spaces. Simplify and Pr...Read More

Communication Styles of the Generations

In the tech world, we are seeing an increased demand of "soft skills," characteristics that make for stronger, more effective candidates. Leadership, team building, conflict resolution, time management, and one of the biggest...communication! Because of that increase in demand, we have been researc...Read More

Technology Economics

Dr. Howard Rubin, of Rubin Worldwide, spoke at the CIO Summit of America held in New York City in January.  Dr. Rubin is internationally recognized for his work as an author, researcher, speaker, and consultant in the areas of IT measurement, techno-business strategy, global software economics,...Read More

The Changing Role of the IT pros

Our friends at TechServe Alliance recently put out a good article on the changing trends in IT. CIOs and high-level IT executives are seeing a dramatic change in their company roles. According to a new research study, conducted jointly by the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium and SeachCIO.com, it was found ...Read More

Mobile Banking What Will It Bring in 2011?

Smartphones are common place. Instant access to key information is expected by the general public. But, what about mobile banking? It has been a way of life for the United Kingdom for the last few years. U.S. banks are entering the market and, even retailers, like Starbuck’s are jumping on the...Read More

Foreign Banking Organizations- Do They Play By the Same Rules?

Foreign Banking Organizations, or FBO’s as they are called by the Federal Reserve, operate a variety of banking institutions in the U.S.  In December of 2006, foreign banks held over $1 trillion in assets, approximately 11% of our total commercial banking assets.  Obviously, they ar...Read More

Hot Technology Predictions for 2011

Numerous articles are reporting IT hiring was up in 2010 and continuing to increase in early 2011. We are seeing that trend, at EDGE, as well. Great news! IT professionals are getting back to work. But, what is going to shape the work we do this year and in the next few years? A recent article on C...Read More

A Couple of Interesting Articles

This week, we ran across several interesting articles about the changing landscape of how we work. We wanted to share and get your feedback on what trends you are seeing in your organizations, what challenges those advances bring, and how can we, in the staffing industry, adapt to support you in tho...Read More

2011 Bank Technology Outlook: Major Projects, Bigger Budgets in Store for Bank CIOs

 A recent article released by Bank Systems and Technology reviews positive signs for 2011. We agree with their predictions and are seeing many of the same signs of growth and spending in our client organizations. “Bank CIOs will be charged with pursuing major tech projects -- including c...Read More

Looking Back, Looked Ahead

A message from Kevin Clark, EDGE President and CEO To say 2010 had its challenges is really an understatement. For EDGE and our consultants, the beginning of 2010 was not looking bright. At the beginning of year, a number of our consultants were not working, but wanted to. Our clients were not hiri...Read More

Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Properous New Year

From the EDGE team, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year....Read More

Core Conversions: They are Not Impossible!

Andrew Johnson of American Banker recently published an article which set our minds in motion here at EDGE.  His discussion centered around the massive conversion by State Bank of India of it’s branch network to a new core processing system.  Johnson’s premise is that conversio...Read More

A Time of Growth and Cloudy Ambiguity in IT

We recently found this article from TechServe Alliance regarding cloud computing and its potential impact on the IT landscape. We thought you might find it interesting, as well: Technology innovation and proliferation is a constant and has been even through this rough economy. Will new technology g...Read More

10 Tips to Build Your Career in IT

Last week, ComputerWeekly published an interesting, on target article about what it takes to be successful in IT. “This is a good article to summarize what we have known for years,” said Kevin Clark, EDGE president and CEO. “We consistently see these characteristics in our leading...Read More

How Technology Impacts Communication In Remote Environments

A few weeks ago, we featured a two-part series on telecommuting and how that option can open new opportunities for employers. We talked briefly about how the importance of communicating with telecommuters, but this week we wanted to take it further and share how IT developments make communication wi...Read More

You Downsized: Where Did All of Your Experts Go??

 Downsizing, as a strategic option, started in the 1980s and continues largely unabated today. IT departments have not been immune to downsizing.  In 2005, Gartner predicted that by 2010, the number of IT staff in the profession would shrink by 15 percent.  The prediction has played ...Read More

The IT-as-a-Service Evolution: What Does It Mean for IT Jobs?

We ran across this article, this week, from CIO. It has some interesting points.   The IT-as-a-Service Evolution: What Does It Mean for IT Jobs? Most of us recall Ross Perot’s quirky prediction of “a giant sucking sound,” which he said would report the migration of America...Read More

Wholesale Credit Union Failures: Painful Implications All Around

In last week's Banks Systems and Technology News, Guest Blogger Bill Bradway highlights interesting points on the recent corporate credit unions failures. The services will have to be picked up somewhere, most likely by other corporate credit unions, service providers or through the purchase and imp...Read More


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