Top Issues IT Professionals Face in 2012

An annual study of IT executives prepared by global strategic advisory company, The Hackett Group, offers a good glimpse into the key issues facing IT organizations. In its newly published report, The Hackett Group concludes that 2012 will be a trying year for IT organizations. 

The key issues facing IT executives for 2012 include:

  •     Tackling IT/business alignment.
  •     Enabling transactional processes via technology.
  •     Reducing the complexity of the technology infrastructure and application portfolio.
  •     Supporting data governance and data management initiatives.

Hackett reports that IT executives are also concerned their business will not be able to acquire or develop the necessary IT skills to meet its business needs.

Insurance & Technology, which reports on business and technology issues in the insurance sector, found their industry IT executives are concerned with incorporating data analytics, integrating legacy systems with modern systems, and moving past just accommodating mobile technology. The insurance industry is also concerned it will not be able to find IT professionals with proper skills. One potential solution to locate the necessary IT professionals is through IT staffing providers. According to Insurance & Technology, an executive with Novarica, an insurance and financial services consultancy, says that larger companies often have multiple staffing providers to help with diverse projects. All positive outlooks for IT staffing firms for 2012.

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