The IT-as-a-Service Evolution: What Does It Mean for IT Jobs?

We ran across this article, this week, from CIO. It has some interesting points.


The IT-as-a-Service Evolution: What Does It Mean for IT Jobs?

Most of us recall Ross Perot’s quirky prediction of “a giant sucking sound,” which he said would report the migration of American jobs to distant shores. His argument was that comparative cost advantages and frictionless trade would assure this fate.

It did, and many jobs never returned. But, despite half-written obits to the contrary, the role of the software developer was never among them.

In fact, the software developer has faced several predictions of doom: Outsourcing, reuse of open source components, and modern development frameworks have all threatened to commoditize software development skills. But they haven’t.

Why? Because the strategic importance of IT has only grown; at the same time, the complexity and expectations for velocity have done the same. Outsourcing, reuse and abstraction layers have only served to get developers out of the weeds, making them more productive in delivering increasingly higher levels of value.

Read more of the article at CIO.

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