Keep Them Coming Back for More

You deliver your work to meet exactly what the client specified.  It is delivered by the deadline provided, so why are you not asked back for a repeat engagement? 

It is not enough to just deliver what the client asked for and to do so by a deadline.  There are several things that an outstanding consultant needs to do to be re-engaged by a customer. 


You have heard it a million times “attitude is everything”.  Nowhere is this more true than in the world of consulting.  Imagine yourself at a restaurant where the waiter is efficient, the food is excellent, the ambiance is wonderful, but there is snippiness about the waiter which is really annoying.  Will you have a good experience?  Will you hurry back to that restaurant any time soon?  Probably not.

The same can be said about you in the work environment if you do not check your personal issues at the door, dust off your attitude and remember that you are being paid to deliver the best product possible which includes not only the deliverable but your image as well.  Upbeat, positive happy people are much more fun to be around and they are contagious. Remember you are a guest in the client’s environment.  Try to be the best one possible.

And for those of you working remote, attitude still carries across phone lines.  So, smile when you answer the phone and while on conference calls.  Pay attention to what is being said and choose positive ways to express your thoughts.


There was a time when the book “Dress for Success” was all anyone could talk about.  It was the magic bullet to get ahead. Yes, today, the work environment has gone much more casual, but what you wear still does matter.

If you are going into a client location, follow their dress code policies. Though you are a guest in their organization, respecting their corporate culture will be viewed positively and will bring more respect back to you.

Working from home? It is still important to “go to work” in attitude. Attitude can come from how you get ready each day and present yourself. You don’t need to wear a suit or even business casual, but getting ready as you would to go out for the day (jeans, nice shirt, clean) will translate to how you present yourself to your colleagues.   


OMG!!!  Have we lost our vowels? It is fine to use short cuts and slang with your friends, but use proper grammar in the world of business writing.  If you are unsure of yourself, remember there are tools available to help you such as Grammar/Spell check within MS Word.  This is even more important if you are working in a remote environment.  Your entire image, in the mind of the client, may be wrapped up in what you write.  Do it well.


Trust is such a small word but one with an incredible impact if lost.  Another word for trust is credibility.  Do you have it with the client?  Can the client depend on you?  Do you do what you say you will?  Can the client share confidential information with you and know that it will go no further?  You must be able to answer yes to all of the questions to be successful as an independent consultant.  Remember your words and skills are all you have to market.


The first rule of being the best consultant you can be is to remember the client is always right.  And, if the client is ever wrong refer back to the first rule.


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