Is Underemployment Worse Than We Think

A few weeks ago, the Friends of the U.S Chamber of Commerce highlighted an interesting article from USA Today, “Why Underemployment May Be Worse Than It Looks.”

The article highlights the recent U.S. Labor Department report which shows a growing trend in employment, but also highlighted one key weakness. The unemployment rate showed a large jump in those who have quit working, as well as those who have taken part-time employment even though they would prefer to be in full-time positions.

The article goes on to say that while this is a significant metric to watch, others say this may not be the month to make judgements. Since early summer always brings an influx of students and teachers entering and exiting the workforce, it is important to stand back, be patient and wait for the next few months of reporting.

As an IT professional and, in most cases, a contractor, what are you experiencing? Do you feel underemployed? Are you working part-time when you would rather be full-time? Do you know of colleagues who are falling into this demographic?

As a hiring manager or IT manager, what is happening within your organizations? Are you in a hiring mode? Are you sticking with contractors verses hiring full-time professionals?



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