EDGE: Supporting Managers of VMS/Procurement/Managed Service Providers

This week we want to highlight an area in which we are growing. Our support of VMS/Procurement/Managed Service Providers managers is one such area.

Does your day go something like this - field staffing requests from departments, analyze request in framework of the organization’s standards and metrics, communicate staffing need to numerous different staffing firms, and sift through all of the submissions brought by the staffing firms. Oh, and don’t forget answering your phone, responding to email, reading text messages and keeping all of the active requests, in different stages of completion, on track.

As a manager in a VMS or procurement area, you may be in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. You have IT managers with specific requests and you have the organization’s requirements. EDGE supports managers just like you to create and maintain the balance between staffing needs and organizational goals.

 Our experience includes supporting banks with existing VMS, procurement and managed service providers and others who are transitioning to new systems. EDGE understands your goals to meet metrics, contain cost, and meet staffing needs. We are able to adapt and react effectively because of our extensive background in banking, both on the IT and business sides.

Why Choose EDGE

  • Experienced as a VMS Tier 1 provider, supplying resources for general skill sets, as well as specialized niche consultants.
  • Knowledge of the technology, processes, and relationships needed to support organizational goals, as well as individual managers and staff.
  • Accomplished at understanding job requirements in order to quickly review candidate’s skill sets and submit quality consultants.
  • Experienced working with VMS, such as:
    • Fieldglass
    • Beeline
    • In-house developed systems

For more information about how EDGE supports VMS and procurement managers, click to our Services page or contact one of our Client Relations Team members.

Also, we would like to hear from you...if you are a VMS manager, what challenges do you face that you wish staffing companies understood better? What makes one staffing company better than another? What kinds of support are looking for that you can't find?

Next week, we will talk about how EDGE supports IT managers, hiring and interacting with their organization’s VMS.

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