10 Tips to Build Your Career in IT

Last week, ComputerWeekly published an interesting, on target article about what it takes to be successful in IT.

“This is a good article to summarize what we have known for years,” said Kevin Clark, EDGE president and CEO. “We consistently see these characteristics in our leading consultants and that delivers success for them and our clients.”

“These are also characteristics that you can build and strengthen as you move from job to job or project to project. Strong consultants are constantly learning and growing their abilities.”

10 tips to build your career in IT

ComputerWeekly, November 8, 2010

So you\'ve heard that, despite doubts about the economy, CIO salaries can still reach £200,000 - or higher. You\'d like a slice of that action. But first you need to build your IT career. What\'s the secret of the high-earners?

When you meet some of the most successful IT professionals in the world, one fact shines out: none of them set out with pound (or dollar) signs in their eyes. They simply wanted to be great IT people who added value to their organizations. And because they were, the success and the stellar salaries (in some cases) followed as a matter of course.

So what is the secret of their success? Here are 10 characteristics which the top IT leaders share

1. They understand how IT can help their businesses grow.

To put it another way, they know what part IT should play to help realize the organization\'s strategy. Take, for example, Sharon Bevis-Hoover, Coca-Cola\'s director of IT global transformation. Last year, she caught the eye of Coke\'s new chief executive Muhtar Kent, who asked her to work out how IT could help transform the global business.

2. They lead from the front.

They know that\'s the way to build a high-performing IT team. Jacqueline Guichelaar, who has a high-profile IT role at Deutsche Bank, can provide a lesson or two there. Her ability to build and lead teams of IT professionals has propelled her career through a succession of big IT jobs around the globe.

3. They know how to make change happen.

That is important when so many people feel threatened by IT-led change. You can\'t manage change well unless you\'re as fascinated by people - and what makes them tick - as with technology, advises Graham Johnson, transformation director at Ecclesiastical Insurance.

4. They are great IT talent-spotters.

They know that effective IT leaders don\'t grab all the glory for themselves. Every one of the top IT leaders has that ability.

Read the rest of the article at ComputerWeekly.

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